After reading through the articles assigned for today and setting up your WordPress site, reflect on your current digital presence. When you Google yourself, what results do you get? Do those results reflect who you are and how you want others to perceive you? In what ways will your website help you in creating or modifying your existing digital presence? (400 words minimum) 

I think as I have grown up and dipped my toe into the world a little more I have noticed that the basic social media accounts have become the background of the search results. As I developed more of a background I see my sports team, and news reports come up. I think that the results do portray who I am as a person, I am able to view my digital timeline and see the gradual development of my extra curricular activities and profile. I think that my website will help me in being able to establish an accurate and targeted representation of myself on the digital platform. I will be able to convey my thoughts and opinions using my own words and publicize what I feel should be publicized. I am looking forward to having a website that I have full artistic control over. I think that will fulfill any and all of the discrepancies I feel exist within my digital profile.

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